Macedonian Patriotic Organization

Mission Statement

The mission of the Macedonian Patriotic Organization is to:
  • Continue to work for human, civil and economic rights for all Macedonians of the world
  • Promote and preserve the ethnic traditions, customs and history of our people
  • Promote and develop the cultural and social growth of our youth
  • Promote and strengthen our Organization.

MPO Structure

The MPO is comprised of Individual Members organized into Local Chapters. Individual Membership is open to any person of Macedonian descent who is over eighteen (18) years old and their spouses. A Local Chapter may be formed in any geographic location where at least five (5) individual members reside. In areas without Local Chapters, Individual Membership is granted on at "at large" basis. To join the MPO please visit the Join/Donate section of this site and follow the instructions to obtain your MPO membership.

The MPO is governed by its nine-member Board of Directors, the Central Committee, and the MPO's National Headquarters is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The MPO currently has the following Local Chapters:

Chicago, Illinois MPO "Independence" Phoenix, Arizona MPO "United"
Cleveland, Ohio MPO "Vardar" Sao Paulo, Brazil MPO "Strumishkata Petorka"
Columbus, Ohio MPO "Freedom" Southern California Region MPO "Brothers Miladinovi"
Detroit, Michigan MPO "Fatherland" Springfield, Ohio MPO "Solun"
Ft Wayne, Indiana MPO "Kostur" Toronto, Ontario MPO "Victory"
Indianapolis, Indiana MPO "Damian Grueff" Toronto, Ontario MPO "Switzerland of the Balkans"
New Jersey Region MPO "Strumishkata Petorka" Washington, D.C. MPO "Liberty"
Northwest Indiana Region MPO "Rodina" Youngstown, Ohio MPO "Todor Alexandroff"

The MPO is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation and a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code; donations to the MPO are tax-deductible subject to donor eligibility.