Macedonian Patriotic Organization

Unauthorized "Makedonska Tribuna"

The MPO, publisher of the Macedonian Tribune since 1927, has learned that an electronic publication identified as the "Makedonska Tribuna" is being distributed to individuals and organizations throughout the world.

The MPO Board of Directors disavows any statements made in this electronic publication and condemns the statements and sentiments expressed therein. Furthermore, the MPO Board of Directors states that there is no such entity as "MPO Luben Dimitroff" and that any individuals claiming to constitute such organization are not members of the MPO notwithstanding any claims to the contrary.

The Macedonian Tribune is a registered trademark owned by the MPO and applicable law forbids its misappropriation. The Macedonian Tribune is the oldest continuously published Macedonian newspaper in the world. To learn more about the genuine Macedonian Tribune please visit the information contained on this site.