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Dorie Atzeff Reynolds was the eighth Tribune editor

By Virginia Nizamoff Surso

Dorie Atzeff Reynolds has the distinction of being the only female editor of the MACEDONIAN TRIBUNE, as well as the only editor to have come from the ranks of YMPO English Page Editors.

"I considered it a labor of love rather than a work of labor," she says.

Her credentials are solid both as a writer-editor and as an MPO member. She explains that the MPO has always been a part of her life, and the friends she made through the years are a part of her extended family.

"My parents (Dita Atzeff and the late Peter Atzeff) were wonderful role models. Their work was an inspiration. They were always working together, basically dedicating their lives to the MPO. Theirs was a real team effort."

Dorie is a recipient of the Luben Dimitroff Memorial as the most outstanding YMPO member of 1966-67.

When the TRIBUNE was moved to Ft. Wayne immediately after the 1983 convention, Dorie traveled to Indianapolis, packed hundreds of boxes, had them loaded on a truck, unloaded them in Ft. Wayne and helped unpack them.

In Indianapolis she had to hire help from the Rescue Mission, but didn't have the money to pay them, so Mitko Popov (past TRIBUNE editor) gave her $50 to pay the workers. A few weeks later the first English edition in tabloid size of the TRIBUNE was published.

"It was time to make a change, and the change was well accepted," she notes.

Dorie says the most rewarding aspect of her duties was working on the archives on a weekly basis with her mother and Marie Calcoff Burton, who spent years going through the boxes organizing their contents Marie the old issues of the paper and Dita the files. An MPO member from Toronto who was a librarian joined them for a week or two and helped catalogue some of the archives.

"Unearthing the treasures that I had packed was very exciting, and when we found the first issue of the paper after months and months of searching, this was very exciting," she explains, adding that a personally momentous find was the handwritten note from her father to the MPO saying he was ready to board the boat to come to the US.

Her duties as editor of the newspaper included writing, typesetting, layout and some financial work in the office. She wrote all the English. Bulgarian articles were submitted and she typeset them after the resignation of a Bulgarian typesetter, who worked part time.

"For each issue I usually wrote an editorial about preserving the ethnic identity of the Bulgarians from Macedonia," she explains, adding that chapters submitted more articles than they seem to submit today.

She knew she could rely on past TRIBUNE editors Borislav Ivanoff and Christo Nizamoff to lend not only tremendous moral support, but also hard copy in Bulgarian and English.

In additional to other duties Dorie compiled and transliterated the songs published in the Song Book which still is sold at MPO conventions. She also worked with the Very Rev. George Nedelkoff to produce the booklet that is used at the Moleben and Panihida held at conventions.

Today Dorie is publisher of the Indiana-Purdue Communicator, the student newspaper of Indiana University Purdue University Ft. Wayne. She has held this position since leaving the TRIBUNE.

She holds both bachelors and masters degrees in English from Indiana University and has had additional studies at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and IU. She taught English and literature at Jefferson College, Hillsboro, Mo., business and technical writing at the University of Wisconsin and worked as copy editor for a technical publishing company.

She is married to Don Reynolds a middle school teacher at Ft. Wayne. They have a daughter Melissa who will be in first grade this fall. Dorie's son Jim is a junior at Ball State University. Melissa's three older sisters are Rhonda Reynolds-Rowe, Pamela Brodsky and Lara Reynolds. They live in California.

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