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Tasho Alusheff focuses on Vlado Chernozemski

The following article appeared in the October 2009 Edition of the Macedonian Tribune

Editor Note: Seventy-five years ago on Oct. 9, 1934, Vlado Chernozemski shot and killed Alexander Karageorgievich, King of Yugoslavia, for terrorizing the Macedonian minority in Yugoslavia. Chernozemski traveled from his mountainous rural home in Macedonia to the seaport city of Marseille. He was killed by police sabers and buried in a pauper's grave. In the late 1990s, George Lebamoff located the grave and saved some of the earth from it, which is displayed in the Macedonian Museum.

Tasho Alusheff spoke of Vlado Chernozemski during the banquet. His attire nearly matched the photo of Chernozemski on display. The story he told was the same one his dedo told him many times while he was growing up.

"My dedo (Tasho) came to the US in 1907 from Ekshi sou, Lerinsko. He worked 50 years on the Nickel Plate Railroad. Dedo died at 96 years old. I was born in 1954, and I had him for 28 years.

"He lived right down the street from me, and he always told me stories, mostly violent stories of things that happened in the mountains of Macedonia, but what other kind of stories were there?

"He often told me the story about a real shport, who had one foot shorter than the other. Something bad had to be done, and this fellow Vlado drew the short straw. They gave him money, they gave him guns, they gave him a new suit.

"Later, I lived in Little Italy in Cleveland and knew a lot of Italians. I found out if someone was going to make a hit, one of the things the Italian Mafia did was to give them a gun, a new suit and buy them a good dinner, so if anything happened, they would be buried in a new suit.

"I started to realize what my Dedo told me sounded like the real stuff."

"Then Dedo told me in 1934 Vlado went to Marseille, France, and we all know he killed King Alexander I of Serbia because he had tortured and killed Macedonians for not accepting Serbian nationality, and the French Foreign Minister.

"After he was hacked to death by the French police, he was identified as Edward Keleman, a Czech, but the police were unable to uncover any connection between the Czechs and the Serbs, so they dug deeper.

"They found a tattoo of a skull and crossbones on his right shoulder with the Cyrillic letters for IMRO over it, which led to his identity.

"Everything my dedo told me was exactly right. Even to the point where the man from the hotel described Vlado as well dressed. 'I told him he looked like a real shport.' Vlado said. 'Thank you, I'm going out to dinner, and this might be the last time you see me.'  "We never had a church in Cleveland, so my only sense of community was the MPO. I consider myself a 'cradle' MPO. On my 18th birthday, I went to my ma's hometown of Lansing, Mich., to celebrate because of the lowered drinking age.

"I ended up at Lucky Bob's Tattoo Parlor, and for $10 I got a skull and crossbones with MPO put on my right arm. When I got home, Zorka slapped me once and started crying.

"I told her my dedo brainwashed me, and this was the right thing for me to do. "I'm proud to be a Macedonian. I'm proud to be a part of this organization. I would like to show you my tattoo (which he does).

Tasho Alusheff focuses on Vlado Chernozemski

"So what happened?

"My wife (MPO President Andrea Alusheff) is just as crazy about the MPO as I am. At this time, I'd like to unveil her new tattoo."

Da Zhevaia Makedonia! (Long Live Macedonia!)