Macedonian Patriotic Organization

Notable Speakers
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The Annual Convention has always provided a forum for the MPO to honor Macedonians of distinction, to hear from prominent speakers on issues relevant to Macedonians in North America, and to hear prominent Macedonian-Americans and Macedonian-Canadians speak about their Macedonian heritage and its contribution to their great success.

Below are some of the speakers that have appeared at recent MPO Conventions. To read the text of their speeches or stories on the speeches, please click one of the links below.




Pittsburgh 2013

Performance by the Otets Paissii dance ensemble

Fort Wayne 2012

Dr. Lubomir Todorov  "MPO - 90 Years of Struggle for a Macedonian State"

Huron 2011

"Stephanie Georgieff - Exploring Macedonian Food Traditions"

Dearborn 2010

"William M. Tosheff-Yes I did it all!""

Cloumbus 2009

"Patrice Koerper- The experiences of a Macedonian Peace Corps Volunteer"

Indianapolis 2008

"Virginia Nizamoff Surso- Growning up with the TRIBUNE"

Detroit 2007

"Goeglein Bush-Being an American-Macedonian"

Cleveland 2006

"Detsa Begaltsi- Macedonian Children Evacuees from the 1946 Greek Civil War"
Convention Banquet presentation by Tasho Alusheff of MPO Vardar

Chicago 2005

Macedonian-American Attorney Jordan Atzeff Reflects On Our Common Heritage

Toronto 2004

Macedonian-Canadian Filmmaker Sandra Danilovic Urges Macedonians to Unite

Columbus 2003

U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia Lawrence Butler Urges Macedonian-Americans to Invest In and Visit Macedonia

Detroit 2002

Macedonian-American Businessman Chris Ilitch Touches Macedonian Hearts

Detroit 2002

Macedonian Ambassador to the United States Nikola Dimitrov Urges Macedonians in North America to Look Forward

Chicago 2001

Macedonian-American Executive Mike Zafirovski Weaves Macedonian Family Values Into His Work Ethic